About Us

Luken Associates, based in Louisville, Kentucky, was established in 1981. We are an independent, professional, elderly care management consulting firm providing practical and innovative services to families, hospitals, nursing homes, and care facilities.

Our staff are knowledgeable, efficient, compassionate, and outgoing professionals, averaging more than fifteen years of experience. We strongly believe that our strength as consultants and case managers is derived from the depth, experience and professionalism of our staff. Professionals from our organization have broad technical, practical, and medical backgrounds prior to becoming case managers. The breadth of experience, coupled with our professional consulting experience, enables us to provide the expertise to our clients and residents that is necessary in the complex healthcare industry.

We invite you to learn more about our company and the services we offer. We believe our unique approach and expertise will provide you with exceptional results for any consulting or case management needs you have. Please feel free to contact us to obtain any other information you may require.



Luken Associates provides a variety of services to individuals and their families and to hospitals and the long term care industry.

Luken Associates provides hospitals with consultation, direct case management and clinical intervention to assist patients in the discharge planning process. Services include:

  • a clinical review of patient needs
  • review and assessment of available community resources
  • education and psychosocial support to the patient and family
  • coordination of the interdisciplinary process to insure a timely discharge and a smooth transition in maintaining continuity of care
  • continuing education to all medical disciplines on topics ranging from discharge planning/case management to psychosocial intervention, and meeting patient psychosocial needs

Luken Associates provide in home assessments to identify needs of individuals experiencing difficulty in managing activities of daily living. In addition to the assessment we are available to meet with the client and the extended family to review options available and to assist in overcoming barriers to secure these resources including financial, availability, etc.

Luken Associates contracts with individual nursing homes to maintain a liaison between hospitals and facilities to insure maximum census and to capture data during hospitalization that secures the highest reimbursement allowed under the PPS system. Nursing Homes also receive consultation on staff development and training, state and federal regulation compliance, and direct clinical intervention when appropriate.

Luken Associates also provides training, education and motivation seminars in the medical community. Click here for a list of Seminars and Workshops available.




Since 1971, Luken Associates has provided:

  • Consultation to area nursing homes and home health agencies on case management and quality of life issues for residents
  • Consultation to major regional hospitals on case management, discharge planning, and providing for and understanding of the psychosocial needs of patients
  • Social services and discharge planning for hospitals and long-term care facilities
  • Individual, family and workplace counseling
  • Child-abuse and spouse-abuse intervention
  • Training, education, and motivation seminars to elderly care administrators and nurses

If you would like for more information on how Luken Associates can assist you, please email info@lukenassociates.com.